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WH Wamsley, “Will,” is a  ceramic artist residing in the Houston Texas area. His work is hand built;  and most is fired and reduced by the Raku process.

Wamsley’s design preference is toward brightly colored, abstract, asymmetrical forms most of which are nonfunctional.  Much of his work has been inspired by ancient Chinese and Japanese artifacts. He is also interested in bas relief tiles. These are, frequently, interpretations of antique Japanese woodblock prints. Most  involve  bright colors made from self designed glaze compounds. Often, Tool marks and materials imperfections, so long as they do not distract from composition or structure, are left uncorrected in his work in the belief that these contribute to the individuality and character of most hand-made objects.  Several relevant examples of Will’s work are  displayed on this site; more can be found on the related site for those who may be interested.

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